Green Gold Herbal Moisturizer by Vermont Soap

Green Gold Herbal Moisturizer by Vermont Soap

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Our research into enhancing the moisturizing and healing effects of shea butter resulted in GREEN GOLD. Shea butter is an effective skin unguent known to reduce inflammation. What, we wondered, would we get if we enhanced shea butter with essential fatty acids from organic hemp seed oil and then infused it with healing herbs like Calendula, St Johns Wort and Rosemary? And could we also improve the absorption rate of natural shea butter into skin by doing so? Thus Green Gold was born!

Replace petrochemical based lotions, salves, serums and balms with 100% organic plant based ingredients. Green Gold Herbal Moisturizer is a certified organic moisturizer that REALLY works!

Green Gold acts as an age defying beauty treatment for face, hands, neck and sun damaged areas. Safe and nontoxic for sensitive skin.

Store your Green Gold Herbal Moisturizer in the refrigerator for a longer shelf life and to maintain a nice consistency.